Some Dentists Recommend Serrapeptase For Inflammation

silkworm2Nature is wonderful, full of so many beneficial creatures. Indeed the small silkworm stands out. China has cultivated silkworms for over four thousand years. When the silkworm spins a cocoon, its threads are spun into the most precious and valuable fabrics. In recent years, research has discovered an even more valuable gift from the silkworm that some doctors describe as a true healing miracle. A German scientist, Dr. Napier discovered that the bacteria living in the gut of the silkworm was a powerful enzyme that destroyed non-living protein and offered many positive health benefits for his patients. In nature, this enzyme melted a portion of the tough cocoon so that the butterfly could escape when the transformation was complete. Without the bacteria, the butterfly would be trapped. Go to their facebook page for recent research data.

This proteolytic enzyme breaks down non-living tissue, protein, and inflammation and digests scar tissue, cysts, blood clots, mucus, and arterial plaque with no harm to healthy tissue. Serrapeptase reduces inflammation by breaking down fibrin as it thins fluids formed from the injury or inflammation and inhibits the release of amines which induce pain. Dr Napier was quite successful in the administration of Serrapeptase for his cardiac patients. Serrapeptase destroyed the arteriosclerosis plaque in the arteries of his patients preventing heart or stroke as well as dissolving blood clots. This beneficial enzyme has proven effective and is a popular medication in Germany and Japan. In the United States, it is sold as a supplement. Visit the Serrapeptase website for more information.