Choosing the Best Dentist In Baton Rouge

My husband had a recent job transfer to Louisiana, and it was my responsibility to find the best dentist Baton Rouge for the oral health of my family. Our family needs included oral hygiene, some cosmetic dentistry for one of my children, and regular dental maintenance. Because of the children, it was necessary to find a dentist that is kind and compassionate and sensitive to the needs of my children as well as myself.


No one likes pain, especially me. I started my search by asking the neighbors and co-workers for a recommendation for a professional dentist. Most people were receptive and willing to help as well as share their personal experiences. The overwhelming positive recommendation was Dr. Grant. His patients credit him with being extremely knowledgable of dental procedures as well as being able to calm his patients in a comfortable environment. After my initial consultation, I found the staff very helpful and friendly. The entire office personnel is well organized.

Dr. Grant took his time and explained the procedures that I needed and several options for me to consider. All my insurance questions were answered. I was reminded of the care that is available in case of an emergency, How impressive to know that my dentist will be there for me in an emergency.